Quotes from the 2016 BAM!

The Bu-Nine Annual Meeting took place in Greenville, SC during July. BuNine members from the United States gathered to discuss ongoing BuNine projects, share their personal projects, and debate the virtues and pitfalls of South Carolina during the middle of summer.

So…have you ever wondered what it would sound like if you released a large group of incredibly intelligent people into a small room for a long weekend of even longer conversations? Luckily, I was taking notes!

First…there was work…

“It doesn’t bother me that I don’t care.” (TM)

“If you have a radar array where you have multiple transmitters and receivers, can one receiver receive information back from multiple transmitters?” (TP)

“That chart can’t be correct. The Andermani are Germanic, based on Frederick the Great, right? So each line has to have the same number of boxes.” (CW)

“Mark told me that a government was just a complex machine with squishy bits that think for themselves and governments finally started making sense.” (TP)

“By God! It’s full of things!” (DC)

“The carrier isn’t trying to make our lives difficult. They just have so many other things to worry about!” (CW)

“I have to be so creative at this point for my day job that it’s a bit like juicing a rock. That’s a thing isn’t it?” (TM)

“We can retcon that.” (TM)

Then…there was Star Trek…

“It makes sense because they were under pressure. And as we know Star Trek engineers can do incredible things when they are under pressure. They can figure out problems in under an hour that entire teams of research scientists haven’t been able to crack in fifty years.” (SR)

“Cleaning is easy in Star Trek.” (TP)

“The transporter, from a fictional standpoint, is the most dangerous piece of technology in any universe.” (CW)

‘The very Best Star Trek movie ever? Galaxy Quest!” (BH, TP, CW, and JO)

“If a science fiction fan joins the Navy, it may be because the Star Fleet wasn’t hiring.” (CW)

Then…while play testing Bridge Simulator, a space simulator…

“Shields at 50%” (DC)

“Taunt at 100%” (TP)

“Hold down the Boost button.” (BH)

“There is no Boost button!” (SR)

“Oh, damn. We must have lost that in the upgrade…” (BH)

Then, a “How did we get here?” conversation broke out…

“At first it was getting a peek at the things you don’t see in the books. Tom bribed me very well.” (JO)

“One of the best things about being in BuNine is REDACTED FOR SECURITY REASONS” (JO)

“With moderate power comes moderate responsibility.” (TP)

“Are you getting what you need?” (CW)


“You guys showed up in the shop one day in Norfolk, geeked out about a bunch of cool stuff, and left. I had to wait two more years to get to join BuNine.” (BH)

“The reason I wanted to become part of BuNine is because these are people I don’t get to see on a daily basis. (SR)

“So what you’re saying is you like us because you don’t see us that often?” (BH)

And some things were just random and silly…

The two ex-Air Force guys were overheard singing a chorus of…
“In the Navy –
You can sail the seven seas –
In the Navy –
You can put your mind at ease-”
(JO and MG)

“Bookstore? Oh, you mean the place where they store the scrolls?” (CW)

“Bob Ross Cosplay is actually a thing.” (CW)

“Wow. Just wow. I found Bob Ross and Groot cross universe Cosplay.” (GS)

“Can you put an umlat in there? I’d like to see some random dots, please.” (TP)

And on Sunday…”Do you want me to call the restaurant and see if I can order a margarita to go? I can put them on the speakerphone so you can listen to them laugh at me…” (SR)

And by the end…the answer became clear…

“Because Gustav.” (Everyone)

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