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Quotes from the 2016 BAM!

The Bu-Nine Annual Meeting took place in Greenville, SC during July. BuNine members from the United States gathered to discuss ongoing BuNine projects, share their personal projects, and debate the virtues and pitfalls of South Carolina during the middle of … Continue reading

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Stranger in a Strange Land

For obvious reasons, BuNine tends to be a rather naval-centric organization. There are members who are active duty naval personnel, naval retirees, naval veterans, and naval analysts. My military background is the Air Force. I attended navigator training, navigator-bombardier training, … Continue reading

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A Call for Vengeance

You can now pre-order the next installment in the Travis sequence (by Pope–Zahn–Weber)! I can’t wait!

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In Our Odd Hours

Ever wonder what BuNine talks about when we are not talking specifically about the Honorverse? Here’s an example from last year: MARK GUTIS: “As a USAF veteran I understand the difference between tactical and strategic air operations. In reading about … Continue reading

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How-to…Boolean and Blender?

Blender is one of those programs that can take years to master. John O’Donnell, an artist and jeweler in real life, uses Blender to render 3-D models of the Honorverse ships as imagined by BuNine and David Weber. John created … Continue reading

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BuNine at RavenCon!

BuNine activities at RavenCon, in Richmond VA (25-27 April)FRIDAY (25 April)* 4pm: Boardgame Renaissance (Chris Weuve)* 5pm: Star Maps and Alternate Earths: An overview of inexpensive tools for detailed SF/F world building for fans and writers: Celestia, Google Earth, AstroSynthesis, … Continue reading

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A quick announcement about where we are going to be…

We know that BuNine is going to be present at the following cons: RavenCon: Richmond VA, 25-27 April 2014 HonorCon: Raleigh NC, 31 Oct-2 Nov 2014 MantiCon: Bloomington MN, 22-24 May 2015 (note the year!) We’re also planning on being … Continue reading

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Supplemental color plates for House of Steel

Both due to time and space considerations, we had cut the ground forces from House of Steel a few months before final assembly, but at David’s insistence (it didn’t take much) we dusted off the files, hashed out the remaining … Continue reading

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Podcast Interview

There is an interview with some of the BuNine contributors to House of Steel up at the Baen website:

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Thanks to everyone at DemiCon who made it a great experience for the two BuNine members (Tom Pope and Chris Weuve) who attended. (I’m sure David and Sharon are thankful as well!) And special thanks to The Royal Manticoran Navy … Continue reading

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