A Peek in Honor’s Closet…


When a storyteller of any variety starts to tell a tale, there is always a back story. All of those pieces and parts that added together to make the person the total sum of the human being (or alien…we do love science fiction after all…) that they are. You might not get the full story, but the writer will sometimes stop and give you a few details so that you, too, can know where this character came from and why they have this particular set of skills or that particular dislike for green-skinned demons. Call it the gamer in me, but I really love how you can see a clear progression as a character grows and accumulates new skills and abilities and becomes more they ever thought possible!

In the upcoming House of Steel, BuNine has assembled a unique visual depiction of Honor Harrington’s journey. Now you can see the uniforms of the Manticorans, the Graysons, and the Havenites as the author imagined them, plus get page by page descriptions of technical details for everything from ships to weapons to governments.

Can you tell we’re excited?


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1 Response to A Peek in Honor’s Closet…

  1. voodooloukerensky says:

    As a Card Holding Royal Manticoran Navy member, as well as Bosun for HMS Roland (AND a Tongue Tattoo Bearing Audubon Ballroom Member [You Torches dont have ALL of us!!]) 10th Fleets Dual Flagship, I thank you for the Grayson Vice Admiral for the Grayson Uniforms!! (Finally they have some Canon. Remember to drop us AB’s a line on what we shouldnt hit everynow and then, dont want to mess up any of your plans by inadvertantly catching you in a crossfire ;).

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