A quick announcement about where we are going to be…

We know that BuNine is going to be present at the following cons:
RavenCon: Richmond VA, 25-27 April 2014
HonorCon: Raleigh NC, 31 Oct-2 Nov 2014
MantiCon: Bloomington MN, 22-24 May 2015 (note the year!)

We’re also planning on being at:
MarsCon: Williamsburg VA, 16-18 Jan 2015

We don’t know exactly we will be up to for most of those cons, but we do have the schedule for the BuNine people attending RavenCon:

FRIDAY (25 April)
* 4pm: Boardgame Renaissance (Chris Weuve)
* 5pm: Star Maps and Alternate Earths: An overview of inexpensive tools for detailed SF/F world building for fans and writers: Celestia, Google Earth, AstroSynthesis, Fractal Mapper, and Blender. (Joelle Presby, Andy Presby)
* 8pm: So You Want to Quit Your Day Job: Things to consider when shifting careers from corporate employee to something else (Joelle Presby)

SATURDAY (26 April)
* 9am: Real-life Star Trek inventions (Chris Weuve)
* 11am: What the US Navy taught me about Starfleet.” (Chris Weuve; 2 hrs)
* 4-6pm: Annual Baen Books Traveling Road Show (Joelle Presby, Chris Weuve, and every Baen author in attendance)
* 10pm: Space Westerns: The Final Frontier (Chris Weuve)

SUNDAY (27 April)
* 11am: Powered Armor
* 1pm: Working with David Weber on the Honorverse. (Andy Presby, Joelle Presby, Kay Shelton, Chris Weuve, and any other BuNine people who are there)

Hope to see you around!

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1 Response to A quick announcement about where we are going to be…

  1. Jim Smilanich says:

    To think I’ve lived in Minnesota virtually my whole life and I’ve never even heard of MantiCon! I’ll be looking forward to meeting you all.

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