Supplemental color plates for House of Steel

Both due to time and space considerations, we had cut the ground forces from House of Steel a few months before final assembly, but at David’s insistence (it didn’t take much) we dusted off the files, hashed out the remaining details and included those sections in the final version.

That process, in turn, reignited an old thread started by Robb Jackson, our resident Royal Manticoran Army guy.  Robb had been asking for uniforms for the RMA for quite some time, and we got as far as discussing the general arrangement at the last Honorcon.  (For those wondering about why they haven’t heard of previous Honorcons, “Honorcon” is what we used to call the BuNine annual meeting.  We stole the name from ourselves to use for the public convention this November, which you should all go to, as it will be a tremendous amount of fun.  But I digress.)

The RMA uniforms would not, of course, be able to be included in the book itself, for the same reasons (time and space) we almost didn’t include the ground forces at all.  However, with discussion in high gear and interest from a number of BuNine members, we decided to at least hash out and finalize the Army and Marine uniforms so that we had an official internal reference (and something for the TRMN as well).  It was a short step from there to realizing that we could clean these up and release them as supplemental online material to House of Steel, hopefully to be the first of many.

And so, we present to you the House of Steel Supplemental Color Plates (Ground Forces), by Scott Bell, Rob Graham, Robb Jackson, Thomas Marrone and Thomas Pope.

Use them for Good, not Evil.


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4 Responses to Supplemental color plates for House of Steel

  1. michael bocchio says:

    I don’t understand the math on the size/gravity of the worlds. According to “Habitable planets for man” by Dole, or a utility that you can find at, Spinx should be much larger than earth; even if you adjust it for the density (which would make the planet more uninhabitable [remember Grayson?]

  2. Emilio Desalvo says:

    Given that the quality of the jpg images of the RMN/GSN plates present in the ebook version of HoS is so much awful, would it be possible to have also the Acrobat version of those plates, along with those of the RMMC and the RMA?

  3. Alexey Andreev says:

    It would have been great to have all HoS illustrations in such quality.

  4. cp40guy says:

    Acquired and reading through House of Steel. I have an interest in 3D modelling (more accurate) Honorverse ships. Have questions that the book does not answer. Any chance I could get some answers?

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