House of Steel – The Honorverse Companion

…for Manticore and Grayson.

Have you ever been to a bakery when you were hungry? Have you had that particular feeling of being surrounded by wonder in so many different directions that you have no way to narrow it down? Of course, the only answer is that you try your favorites on the menu, then come back again another day, right?

That was the situation we found ourselves in when David Weber asked us to help build a companion to the  20 year series that is the Honorverse. David’s writing is filled with detail and descriptions, and led us to questions, discussions, wild goose chases, and at least a metric ton of really cool, amazing information. For the last year, we have been carefully building this Honorverse Companion, only to realize that we had too many great things to choose from.

So, with much deliberation and a few suggestions from David Weber, we tailored our approach to include only the Manticorans and the Graysons, easily two of our favorite “treats.” David’s accompanying novella sheds light on a fascinating character that deeply affects the current Manticoran government. And for people who love the backstory, BuNine has collected and expanded the information available on technology, social structure, history, and characters.

House of Steel: Honorverse Companion is due out May 7th, 2013, and is already available on Amazon for pre-order here.

If it is well received, we hope to continue with further sweet treats – Companion Two would feature information about the Havenites, the Andermani, and Erewhon. We hope to take another trip to the Honorverse with David’s fans soon!


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5 Responses to House of Steel – The Honorverse Companion

  1. Craig D. Lattig says:

    I discovered BuNine while reading House of Steel. Came here primarily to try and find one single good map that shows the portions of the galaxy discussed in the various Honor novels. I just need to see where everything is in relationship to each other and try and get a feel for where things are headed strategically. Could you please refer me to one?? cdl

  2. Jackie Snedden says:

    Hello- I am a member of TRMN-the official Honor Harrington Fan Club. The fan club considers the work of BuNine to be cannon. One of the things I would like to see developed is the rating patches for those of us who want te proper uniform for fan club activities. Looking at the patches in JAYNE’S INTELLIGENCE REVIEW and in HOUSE OF STEEL, I did not see a patch for the Master-At-Arms which is my rating. Could you please advise where I might find a design for the Master-At-Arms rating patch? Thank you.

    • bunine says:

      The rating patches in both Jaynes and the Companion represent, as you have already discovered, only a subset of the the ratings in the RMN. We have drafts and some final art for many of the others, but have not put together a comprehensive list yet. We’ll discuss internally and see if we can provide an official one for the MA rating.

  3. jim says:

    I enjoy the series very much & ordered the House of Steel months before it was completed from Amazon. Certainly hope you do more volumes. You have a guaranteed sale here.

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