Welcome to BuNine!

  • We are subject matter matter experts in subjects which do not exist. (Yet.)
  • Providing Consulting Services to Authors.
  • Putting on Convention Tracks, Conventions and other Public Presentations.
  • Developing Simulations for the Hobby and Professional Communities.

We are a group of science fiction enthusiasts from varying backgrounds who bring a multi-disciplinary approach to world-building. We work with authors to bring multiple years of experience in various disciplines that add depth and factualness to the written worlds that we work in. We define what we do as primarily fictional non-fiction. We enhance and research the worlds that authors have created to use to tell their stories.

We have worked with talented authors to conceive new technologies, help with technological extrapolation, provide a real-life grounding in naval operations and technologies, and do cross-checking and research. We also provide graphic art – everything from book layout to deck plans to emblems and costume design.

BuNine is an exciting and group of consultants, visionaries, and futurists who work together to improve created realities. We’re excited about all the possible upcoming futures that we see on the horizon, in fictional and non-fictional realities!


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4 Responses to Welcome to BuNine!

  1. This blog is a great idea and I would love to keep up to date with it. However, there is no RSS feed of your entries available. For me, that’s the easiest feature to use, since I can view many blogs I am following from a single app, even on mobile systems. Maybe you can consider adding this feature to your site. Thanks and keep up the great work!

    • bunine says:

      Given that we’re in the midst of setting things up around here, this may move during the next housekeeping phase, but we’ve added a RSS link to the footer for the time being.

  2. Al Huber says:

    l am horribly envious. Having been an avid military SF reader for 40 years and having retired as a military officer and international relations sort, I can think of nothing more fun than what you all are doing. Please add me to what is no doubt a long list of like minded folk who want to join the ranks.

    • bunine says:

      Thanks for your interest. BuNine has been operating in the background for years without anyone but David even knowing we existed, so outside applications hasn’t been an issue we’ve had to deal with much in the past. One of the realizations we had when the Companion project got off the ground is that is going to change.

      We’re going to be setting up a website behind the splash page at http://www.bunine.org shortly, and are working out a more formal application process for interested parties. Watch this space.

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